Lilanz – Chen Dao Ming: A Journey of Simplicity in Northern Europe

Acclaimed actor Chen Daoming is an artist who has mastered his craft thanks to his boundless love for life and immutable desire for exploration.

Being a captivating screen thespian and a spokesman for Lilanz menswear, Chen Daoming followed his hunger for inspiration to that most picturesquely arranged of world cities, Copenhagen, Denmark.

A pleasant, route-less bike ride through beautifully architected Nordic boulevards was just what the actor needed to quell his yearning for the simple, yet sophisticated.

Created by Suntchi, produced by PIG China, and directed by renowned TV drama director Shen Yan (We Have Nowhere to Place Youth), “A Journey to Explore Simplicity” is a short highlighting how classically styled and expertly crafted fashion can be a source of inspiration, an encapsulation of culture, and an embodiment of the simple, yet sophisticated.