No Cannes, no problem! PIG brings the party to Shanghai

After Cannes and Berlin Sessions parties, this August, we’re hosting: Shanghai Sessions!
No Cannes this year…

Every year, right about now, chances are you’re on a plane heading back to Shanghai or wherever, forgoing the celebratory glass of welcome champagne for “just an OJ please” as you gingerly nurse a liver on the brink of cirrhosis back to health-ish after a week of non-stop, audacious profiteering (oops!) I meant networking.

From laid back Google Beach to MassiveMusic’s over the top insanity and everything in between, Lions’ every iteration is a Spartan race to see who’ll top out the week with the most crowds, the most ooo’s and ahh’s, the most hashtags and the most morning-after stories—don’t let “by invitation only” fool you, everybody’s welcome, just say you’re from Netflix.

Google Beach

That’s right, we’re talking Cannes Lions, another bitterly mourned casualty of Covid-19. And while it’s crushed your Grand Prix dreams—yeaaah, let’s keep telling ourselves that’s the only reason why we’re not getting one this year—it shall not deprive us of a good pool-side BBQ.

The PIGman’s got your back; we’ve been thinking long and hard and it’s about time to give those of us stuck in the “Hai” a modest reprieve from all the scalding Trumpian headlines and side-ways glances from dogmatic ayis fearful of your germs.

After Cannes’BBQ Sessions and Berlin’s Bunker Sessions, this August, we’re super excited to be bringing you: Shanghai Sessions! This year’s theme: No Cannes? No problem!

In classic Sessions tradition, Shanghai Sessions will encompass the very same savoir-faire that’s made PIG’s Cannes villa such an indispensable pitstop for many in their Lions pilgrimage.

Cannes BBQ Sessions

Expect to endulge in the PIGman’s quintessential party trifecta:

Coal barbecue manned by prodigious rising talent Chef Ying of Xixi Bistro fame; chicken, brats, tritip and all that jazz, grilled to order. We’ve even cultured it up a notch with juicy lamb skewers flavoured à la Xinjiang and a whole, suckling pig, just heavenly.

What’s a party without a pool? A dumb one, I’ll tell you what. Nah, we kid, we kid. But all jokes aside, it would have been just pitiful to deprive our guests from the possibility of rosé-induced fumbles into a 25-meter rooftop pool bedazzled with unicorns, swans and other assorted floaties.

Cool vibes guaranteed, courtesy of Murphy Kin, a.k.a. DJ Lucy. The well-rounded selector takes us on a trip with his lively sets, rooted in house and disco. This energetic artist launched his own lable, Ting Ting Disco, in 2015.

…. and who knows, maybe a few other surprises await.

You’re probably banging furiously on something that’s hopefully not your phone and for God’s sake what are the event details!? Okay, here goes…

Event Details

Shanghai Sessions: No Cannes? No problem!

Date: August 8th, 2020
Time: 16:00 – 21:00
Place: on a Bund rooftop 🙂
for now, we’re keeping a hush on the exact location for confirmed guests only

How to RSVP


In our effort to abate even an iota of a possibility of becoming Shanghai’s inaugural resurgent cluster, event capacity is limited to 100. Registration conditions apply (i.e. no recent Beijing or foreign travel, no fever, possessing a green health code, … )

  1. Scan the QR code in the above event poster to access our Official Wechat Account (Wechat ID: Pig_Films)
  2. Follow us
  3. Click “RSVP” on the bottom right
  4. Input your information
  5. Wait to receive your RSVP confirmation
  6. And don’t go unfollowing right afterwards, you’ll need to present that sucker at check-in and submit to a temperature check

*If you encounter issues, watch the below “how-to”.