P.I.G.’s New Director: Marcelo Burgos

We are excited to announce that we’re now representing Argentinian director, Marcelo Burgos. Not only is Marcelo a director, but he’s also an illustrator, animator, printer, sculptor and former agency creative. Before turning his craft to directing, Marcelo worked since he was 18 years old in Argentina and Madrid at agencies such as Ogilvy and BDDP, winning over 70 advertising awards for his campaigns. Now as a director, Marcelo can adeptly handle the visual challenges of directing special effects and detailed set pieces as well as perfectly execute scenes of comedy. His talents converge for these humorous ads for PS3 and Coke Light. We here at P.I.G. can’t wait to create more visually rewarding and comedic work with Marcelo here in China, where he will be exclusively repped (and inclusively befriended) by us.

Marcelo Website

You Must Know More About Marcelo!

We mentioned that in addition to directing TV commercials, Marcelo also involves himself in several other artistic pursuits. It would be criminal to share Marcelo’s TVCs and not show you the very cool sculptures, drawings, prints, animations and toys he has made outside of his filmmaking career. Visit MarceloBurgos.com and check out some of the eye-popping visuals that clearly spans across several mediums. On the site you’ll also find Marcelo’s more poignant work for Samsung, his handmade toys, a game he made as a gift for his daughter, and even a unique font that Marcelo designed for you to freely download and use. See why we love this guy?