PIG teams up with Kim Gehrig and Somesuch for Coke

In the latest series of Covid-19 related films, Coca-Cola has recently released “The Great Meal”. For this 90s feature, PIG China’s team here in Shanghai teamed up with Somesuch, director Kim Gehrig and Coca-Cola to bring you a piece chocked full of classic, family-friendly goodness.

The Shanghai portions of the film were shot entirely on location, in and around Shanghai, by PIG with director Kim Gehrig, via remote film-making (more info on PIG Remote here).

Watch the full film at the end

Coca-Cola’s first new film since the Covid-19 breakout centers around family and food.

In their new global campaign,“Together Tastes Better”, this launch film, titled “The Great Meal” conveys the brand’s optimistic take on this shared experience, celebrating some of the silver linings of the time we have spent together over meals and around the table. Around the world, people have come to re-appreciate the things that matter most and take that gratitude and humility with us moving forward.

The film was shot remotely in the midst of global Covid-19 lockdowns. It showcases 13 real families, couples, housemates in households from Orlando, Shanghai, Lisbon, Kiev, London, Mumbai, and Mexico City. The families in the film cook the foods of their cultures and share an often-overlooked, moment of togetherness.

This anthemic film that will run from June 29th in the US and in a myriad of countries including Germany, Spain, Morocco, France, most Asian countries, and India, among others, in the next weeks and months.

The film was directed by Kim Gehrig, produced by Somesuch with support of PIG in China.

Coca-Cola ‘The Great Meal’

‘The Great Meal’ directed by Kim Gehirg for Coca-Cola

What happens pool-side… Recap of 2020 Shanghai Sessions

​Move along LV, your 15 minutest of glory is indubitably and irrevocably over——but still, be sure to call if you need to shoot something.

Shanghai has taken the over-sized, anatomically, uh, questionable blow-up dragons and she’s boarded them up in a broom closet down the long hallway of repressed [sic] memories.

From the looks of Saturday night’s social media feeds of Shanghai’s who’s whos, we have definitive proof that on 8/8, this belle of a town belonged to the PIGman.

Below a recap of our most glorious and triumphant moments from PIG’s pool-side BBQ, Shanghai Sessions 2020: No Cannes, No problem!

Event Gallery

We’ve got more events in the pipes for fall, stay tuned. In the meantime, stay safe and carry on!

No Cannes, no problem! PIG brings the party to Shanghai

No Cannes this year…

Every year, right about now, chances are you’re on a plane heading back to Shanghai or wherever, forgoing the celebratory glass of welcome champagne for “just an OJ please” as you gingerly nurse a liver on the brink of cirrhosis back to health-ish after a week of non-stop, audacious profiteering (oops!) I meant networking.

From laid back Google Beach to MassiveMusic’s over the top insanity and everything in between, Lions’ every iteration is a Spartan race to see who’ll top out the week with the most crowds, the most ooo’s and ahh’s, the most hashtags and the most morning-after stories—don’t let “by invitation only” fool you, everybody’s welcome, just say you’re from Netflix.

Google Beach

That’s right, we’re talking Cannes Lions, another bitterly mourned casualty of Covid-19. And while it’s crushed your Grand Prix dreams—yeaaah, let’s keep telling ourselves that’s the only reason why we’re not getting one this year—it shall not deprive us of a good pool-side BBQ.

The PIGman’s got your back; we’ve been thinking long and hard and it’s about time to give those of us stuck in the “Hai” a modest reprieve from all the scalding Trumpian headlines and side-ways glances from dogmatic ayis fearful of your germs.

After Cannes’BBQ Sessions and Berlin’s Bunker Sessions, this August, we’re super excited to be bringing you: Shanghai Sessions! This year’s theme: No Cannes? No problem!

In classic Sessions tradition, Shanghai Sessions will encompass the very same savoir-faire that’s made PIG’s Cannes villa such an indispensable pitstop for many in their Lions pilgrimage.

Cannes BBQ Sessions

Expect to endulge in the PIGman’s quintessential party trifecta:

Coal barbecue manned by prodigious rising talent Chef Ying of Xixi Bistro fame; chicken, brats, tritip and all that jazz, grilled to order. We’ve even cultured it up a notch with juicy lamb skewers flavoured à la Xinjiang and a whole, suckling pig, just heavenly.

What’s a party without a pool? A dumb one, I’ll tell you what. Nah, we kid, we kid. But all jokes aside, it would have been just pitiful to deprive our guests from the possibility of rosé-induced fumbles into a 25-meter rooftop pool bedazzled with unicorns, swans and other assorted floaties.

Cool vibes guaranteed, courtesy of Murphy Kin, a.k.a. DJ Lucy. The well-rounded selector takes us on a trip with his lively sets, rooted in house and disco. This energetic artist launched his own lable, Ting Ting Disco, in 2015.

…. and who knows, maybe a few other surprises await.

You’re probably banging furiously on something that’s hopefully not your phone and for God’s sake what are the event details!? Okay, here goes…

Event Details

Shanghai Sessions: No Cannes? No problem!

Date: August 8th, 2020
Time: 16:00 – 21:00
Place: on a Bund rooftop 🙂
for now, we’re keeping a hush on the exact location for confirmed guests only

How to RSVP


In our effort to abate even an iota of a possibility of becoming Shanghai’s inaugural resurgent cluster, event capacity is limited to 100. Registration conditions apply (i.e. no recent Beijing or foreign travel, no fever, possessing a green health code, … )

  1. Scan the QR code in the above event poster to access our Official Wechat Account (Wechat ID: Pig_Films)
  2. Follow us
  3. Click “RSVP” on the bottom right
  4. Input your information
  5. Wait to receive your RSVP confirmation
  6. And don’t go unfollowing right afterwards, you’ll need to present that sucker at check-in and submit to a temperature check

*If you encounter issues, watch the below “how-to”.

PIG’s 3D film for OPPO Lamborghini

PIG’s recent collaboration with OPPO culminated in our latest film for our client’s Find X2 Pro mobile phone, Lamborghini edition! The special edition model is based on the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster (limit 800 production units) and features a carbon-fiber textured phone back, gold plated camera edges and comes in sleek black and copper tones, perfectly in parallel to the coveted supercar.

Watch the full film here.

The PIG-produced film is an entirely 3D feat, exquisitely excuted by Unit Motion, part of the WIZZ Animation Collective (more infor here). The 30-second film perfectly highlights the seemless integration of the supercar’s design components into the Find X2 Pro.

客户 Client: OPPO
导演 Director: Unit Motion at WIZZ
制片 Production: P.I.G. CHINA

PIG x Under Armour in back-to-back films

Under Armour

P.I.G. China‘s 2nd and 3rd time working with Under Armour in the past year sees two films showcasing Zhu Ting (volleyball) and Jin Yuan (track and field) in #TheOnlyWayIsThrough global campaign. UA’s message: “Improvement isn’t easy. There are no shortcuts. No cheat codes. No quick fixes. Just hard work. The only way is through.

Watch Jin Yuan’s full film here (running).
Watch Zhu Ting’s full film here (volleyball).

#TheOnlyWayIsThrough brings together global athletes including Dwayne Johnson, Stephen Curry and Michael Phelps to promote the spirit of its slogan. For the China segment, we follow two leading ladies: former national team track and field runner Jin Yuan (金源) and national volleyball player Zhu Ting (朱婷).

These are the 2nd and 3rd collaborations between P.I.G. China and Under Armour, to date! Our team traveled to Tianjin’s National Women’s Volleyball Institute to shoot with Zhu Ting while Jin Yuan’s film was shot in 2 days across 6 venues in Shanghai.

The films will be featured with other in the series in Under Armour’s #TheOnlyWayIsThrough campaign across global media platforms this spring.

Climbkhana 2: PIG teams up with Ken Block & Hoonigan Media

Racer Ken Block‘s latest drift blockbuster “Climbkhana 2: Heaven’s Gate Road” was released globally on November 18th. The film was produced by Hoonigan Media Machine with the collaboration of PIG. Great work everyone!

Watch the full film here.

Some feared 2018’s Gymkhana TEN marked the end of automotive’s largest viral video franchise, but Ken Block is back with the second installment of the acclaimed series’ spin-off Climbkhana, presented by Toyo TiresForza Motorsport and Omaze. This time, Block and the Hoonigan Media Machine, supported by PIG, traveled to one of the world’s most dangerous roads, located deep in the heart of China, with his 914 horsepower Ford F-150 Hoonitruck to film Climbkhana TWO: Heaven’s Gate Road

About five years ago, I found a photo on the internet of this crazy road made of multiple switch backs that actually crossed over itself,” says Ken Block. “Before I even discovered where in the world it was, I knew we had to go film there. As we did more research, I realized we may have found the greatest road ever. It’s like a European tarmac rally stage-but turned out to 11-and, it’s set in a wild scene that looks stolen right out of the movie Avatar. ” 

Located in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China, in a region that actually did inspire James Cameron’s 2009 epic Sci-Fi film, the Heaven’s Gate Mountain Highway (天门山公路)climbs 11 Kilometers across a ribbon of concrete that bends over 99 times through lush foliage and precariously located cliff drops. It’s considered so dangerous that the public is forbidden to drive on it. And while similar in basic design to the location for the first film: Pikes Peak, this road is almost half as wide in most places, and the consequences way more frightening. 

Over the past couple years, a few other projects have been filmed in the region, but we really wanted to bring our unique style of filmmaking and Ken Block’s wild driving to this road to show it in a way it hasn’t been seen before” says Climbkhana TWO’s Director Brian Scotto. “This road is amazing, but also very unforgiving, which ironically is its best attribute.

Of all of Ken Block’s vehicles, the Hoonitruck seemed the least suited for this incredibly narrow road, which at some points is skinnier than the highly modified, AWD truck is long. But its massive proportions, only make the feat ever more impressive.

The juxtaposition of this massive American pickup truck and that tiny road was just too perfect, even if it made it way harder and sketchier to for me to drive,” says Block.  

5 Red Cameras, 2 drones, and over 20 GoPros ran simultaneously to capture Ken Block’s breathtaking driving prowess…

PIG takes home ROI award for The Waste Race

Adidas The Waste Race

Running. It’s not just putting your sneakers on and jogging around the park – it can be a part of something much bigger. That’s what Adidas is exploring in the new global campaign “Recode Running” showcasing what the brand calls transformational stories of running.

Watch the full film here.

In one of two, new long form films, Shanghai’s “Trash Runners” combine social running with street cleaning to improve the city, people’s lives, and to build a movement.

The “Recode Running” campaign, which is airing globally on YouTube and other platforms, is the brainchild of Amsterdam strategic consultancy Brand Articulation and its sister creative studio Lore, and the films were directed by Daniel Kaufman of Anonymous Content / Somesuch. Production was realized in Shanghai, China by P.I.G. CHINA.

Women’s Day: SK-II #changedestiny campaign’s newest film

Skincare darling SK-II continues to support China’s single women through its #changedestiny campaign with a new film exploring traditional family expectations on marriage.

Watch full film here.

SK-II’s newest film “Meet Me Halfway” by PIG director Floyd Russ

The short documentary “Meet Me Halfway” follows three bright and single Chinese ladies as they finally reach out and open up to their parents after years of avoidance due to marriage pressure fears. 

SK-II hopes to encourage open dialogue about marriage expectations and be a source of empowerment for women everywhere to feel more confident about their life choices.

The brainchild of agency Forsman & Bodenfors, directed by Floyd Russ and produced by Tool of North America, “Meet Me Halfway” was entirely shot on location in different parts of China by P.I.G CHINA.

SK-II’s first film “Leftover Women” by PIG director Floyd Russ

Moving hearts with Operation Smile

P.I.G. CHINA, French production company QUAD and Cheil Beijing created a heart-warming film for Operation Smile, an NGO providing surgical aid to children with cleft lip.  Viewers journey through a polluted Shanghai with a masked albeit joyful little girl.  The final scene reveals she was happy to dawn a pollution mask because this is the one time during which no one can see her cleft lip.  The little heroine’s wide, endearing eyes help to soften the stigmatization children with cleft lip in China endure but the reality of this prescient health issue still remains at the close of the film.

Watch the full film here.

Directed by Henry Mason with support from cinematographer Rain Li, the film was entirely shot in and around Shanghai over two days. Grading and visual effects were created by FIN Design and Effects.  Green United Music (GUM) composed the gentle piano tune in the background.  Beautifully shot, this touching film is helping Operation Smile raise awareness around the stigma of children suffering with cleft lip. 

P.I.G China New Director: Jonty Toosey

P.I.G. is very excited to now be representing Jonty Toosey in China.

From a very young age, Jonty has had a fascination for the moving image, experimenting with video and super 8 film in his. Following film school at LIFS in London, he began his directing career in television making promos for BBC, MTV, Discovery Channel and UKTV. Alongside his professional work in advertising he has directed several portrait documentary series for Discovery Channel, National Geographic and France 5.

In his advertising work, Jonty is always striving to create situations that come across as extremely honest and authentic. He extracts scenes within often restrictive and controlled situations that come across completely spontaneous and unrehearsed. His particular style has led him to work with global brands such as Nike, Ford, Mini Cooper, Coca Cola, Lipton Ice tea, Cathay Pacific, Hershey’s Chocolate, Molson Canadian, and Captain Morgan Rum. His campaigns have won him numerous international advertising awards including Cannes Lions for his Nike + and Molson Beer campaigns.

Jonty lives in London.