Nicholas Cage x Beijing Auto’s Senova

A look behind the scenes of our recent spot directed by Olivier Megaton

Carole Denis’s new spots

Range and style. You need both to make beautiful films, and the last two by Carole Denis show just that. Whether it’s a poetic road trip of a winsome girl and her guitar a for smartphone-maker BBK/Vivo in Asia, or a surreal fable for the latest perfume by Adolfo Dominguez, Carole creates a unique mood and vivd characters. 

The BBK “Road Movie,” with post-production in the brand new office of Digital District in Shanghai, is a heart-warming story, with a vintage  and cinematic feel. While the sprite spot for Adolfo Dominguez’s “Agua Fresca de Rosas Blancas” glows with youth and intrigue. 

So we have a range, but also a distinctive style. Two expertly-crafted independent worlds, with an elegance and natural beauty that permeates every frame.

Client: BBK/Vivo
Agency: TBWA Shanghai
Director: Carole Denis
Agent and Director’s Producer: Nicholas Berglund
Production: S-Film
Producer: Max Rim, Simon Hoy
DOP: Sebastian Pflaffenbichler
Post production: Digital District, Shanghai

Watch Adolfo Dominguez – Agua Fresca de Rosas Blancas

Client: Puig
Agency: Mlle Noï
Director: Carole Denis

Blackberry “the walk” – behind the scene

“Similar to the message in the campaign, the commercial took us on a great journey, starting with a detailed previz stage pre-shoot and ending up with a brilliant free flowing spot,” commented Mill producer Cat Scott. “It was great to get stuck into such a fun 2D project with so many beautiful scenes to piece together.” As well as being a great 2D project the spot was then expertly graded by Mill colourist Seamus O’Kane.

Nicolas Cage & P.I.G.

Director of the Shenbao Car commercial is sharing his insight with Nicolas Cage


The Next Day – David Bowie

The latest from our partner company, QUAD: Floria Sigmonidi’s new controversial music video for David Bowie

Label: Columbia
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Executive Producer: Coleen Haynes
Producer: Oualid Mouaness
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Director of photography: Jeff Cronenweth

Reynald Gresset – The Lake

For more reels from Reynald Gresset, please check out our DIRECTORS

Desperados “Bump” – Bruno Aveillan

Renowned Quad director Bruno Aveillan turned his eye to a concrete jungle to create a gorgeous, grungy spectacle of a good time for Desperados.

Intel Micro Film

New micro movie starring Wang Luodan…

The end of 2012

This is what truly happened for the end of the day according to Mayan Calendar

Of Bulldozers and Nail Houses

With China’s hectic urbanization and mass demolitions in the news again, P.I.G. is proud to present a special artist collaboration with Russia’s Sergey Balovin.

In his recent Shanghai performance piece entitled “Euthanasia 2”, the artist referenced an important event in Russian art from 1974, when an unauthorized exhibition of nonconformist artists was destroyed by government bulldozers. Read more information on his performance here, and watch the video documenting this site-specific performance below –