J+J bring us Moments of Joy with Holiday Inn

Having brought us real men with their recent Dove Men film, director duo J+J have teamed up with Ogilvy and P.I.G. China once again. The first of Holiday Inn’s Moments of Joy campaign, the film highlights the relationship between working mother and daughter and the common struggle for work-life balance. Catch the film online here or during some of the most-watched Chinese TV shows, “The Voice of China” and “Dad, Where Are We Going?”. Coverage on the film from AdAge here.

New Biotherm Homme Ad is a Knockout

Biotherm Homme believes that even the toughest guys should be keeping moisturized. The luxury skincare company’s new “Total Recharge” moisturizing face wash gives a man the refreshing splash of energy that lets him fight through the rest of his day. Biotherm Homme’s new “Manifesto” spot—produced by P.I.G.—fittingly features international boxing champion Zou Shiming getting a “total recharge” in the middle of his training and sparring. The Ben Tseng-directed spot is shot in a film noir-like black and white, and narrated by Zou with an effective boxing pep talk. Biotherm Homme’s ad reminds men everywhere that vigilant care should be given to even the thickest skin.

Doublemint ‘Bear’

Doublemint’s latest campaign just launched this month in China and across Southeast Asia, featuring a bear as a young man’s enigmatic wingman. Directed by P.I.G. director Marcelo Burgos, the film was shot in sunny Los Angeles with both a real bear and an animatronic bear. Watch Marcelo’s ‘Bear’ above, then view more of Marcelo’s clever, funny work on his director’s page.

Pigpen Cinema Presents: Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary

Film Screening Tuesday Aug 18, 2015

Free “Grumpy” movie popcorn snacks
Drink specials on beer, wine, and cocktails

Doors at 9 | Movie starts at 9:30
65-4 Maoming Bei Lu (Weihai Lu/Yan’an Lu)
Space is limited to 35 seats
First come, first serve

More on the film:

Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary (2015, 95 min., dir. Daniel Junge & Kief Davidson)


How did a small toy brick manufacturer from Denmark evolve into a global empire spawning countless franchises, blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, and even amusement parks? In their detailed documentary, filmmakers Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson explore the little-known origins of Lego in the 1930s ,and track the toy company’s evolution into a staple toy of childhoods across the globe. The documentary also chronicles the fans and professionals who’ve devoted their lives to creating and expressing with Legos, and showcases some of the most jaw-dropping Lego sculptures ever seen. Hosted by comedic actor Jason Bateman in a Lego figurine-form, Beyond the Brick is a fun, eye-opening examination the Lego phenomenon.

Dove and P.I.G. Show You Some Real ‘Real Men’

Dove Men and Ogilvy London recently asked director team J+J and P.I.G. to travel all over Shanghai, and film a montage that celebrates real men in today’s world. The film we came back with is a quietly scored and moving tribute to our fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends, and the crucial roles they play as our mentors, caretakers, and companions. We welcome you to see the director’s cut of this poignant piece by J+J, exclusively here on our website.

We’ve Produced an Electrifying New Lynx Ad!

P.I.G. China’s producers helped put together a hip new ad for the latest scented body wash from Lynx (or Axe, as it’s known to our American readers). We are thrilled with the final version of this CGI-filled spot, which was directed by Mauri Chifflet and filmed by cinematographer Rain Li. The Lynx body wash scent advertised in this spot is known as ‘Fever’ in other countries, but here in China it’s been rebranded with a title that means “Continuously Sharp.” Our new ad helps push this rebranding; in it, a tired man showers with the new Lynx bodywash and instantly feels becomes vibrant and alert, ready for a night out on the town.

Sit With Bruno Aveillan Through A New York Minute

With a succession of quick cuts and a powerful narration, Bruno Aveillan’s new ad for Tiffany & Co.’s CT60 timepieces fills us with the same energy that permeates New York City’s every corner, at every second. “A New York Minute,” is a one-minute spot packed with 70+ one-second-or-less shots of New York and the diverse citizens living there. Eugenio’s new spot is definitely not the first ever watch commercial with a connection to the phrase “A New York Minute,” but it is one of the few directed well enough to be worth your time. See more of Bruno Aveillan’s work on his P.I.G. director’s page.

Jing Shao Wins a Young Director Award at Cannes

Frequent P.I.G. collaborator Jing Shao has just won a well-deserved Young Director Award at Cannes, for his haunting public awareness film “Text History of Jane.” Made while Jing was completing his MFA at USC, the short film unravels a tragedy through the text messages of Jane, a teenage girl. Each text in the film is perfectly written to establish Jane as sweet, relatable human being, which makes the film’s conclusion all the more shocking and unforgettable. P.I.G. is very proud of Jing for his win, and can’t wait to work with him and his directing partner, Jess Zou, for years to come!

Bradley Cooper Teams Up With Haagen Dazs…and P.I.G.’s Dean Freeman

P.I.G.’s director Dean Freeman has just filmed another spot, and this one stars 3-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper! Dean’s new TVC for Haagen Dazs features Haagen Dazs’s new spokesman, Cooper, being playful with a lady friend as they share a delicious, creamy pint of vanilla ice cream. Bradley Cooper and his co-star give magnetic performances under the direction of Dean, creating a piece that authentically evokes the sweet joy of eating great ice cream. Above is the director’s cut. You may watch the final TVC on Dean’s director page.

P.I.G. Helps Dove & Ogilvy ‘Choose Beautiful’

Dove’s latest mega-viral video, “Choose Beautiful,” is an international social experiment that tackles the question: Why are so many women reluctant to celebrate their own beauty? P.I.G. helped Dove, Ogilvy Chicago, and production house Joinery with the Shanghai leg of the “Choose Beautiful” experiment, which also went on to survey the women of Delhi, San Francisco, London, and Sao Paolo. In Shanghai, we set two signs atop two adjacent doors at a mall, one sign reading “Beautiful” and the other “Average.” Women entering the mall, walked through the door they felt best described them. The ladies were then interviewed about their choices, and their responses provided some very poignant insights.