Jing Shao Wins a Young Director Award at Cannes

Frequent P.I.G. collaborator Jing Shao has just won a well-deserved Young Director Award at Cannes, for his haunting public awareness film “Text History of Jane.” Made while Jing was completing his MFA at USC, the short film unravels a tragedy through the text messages of Jane, a teenage girl. Each text in the film is perfectly written to establish Jane as sweet, relatable human being, which makes the film’s conclusion all the more shocking and unforgettable. P.I.G. is very proud of Jing for his win, and can’t wait to work with him and his directing partner, Jess Zou, for years to come!

Bradley Cooper Teams Up With Haagen Dazs…and P.I.G.’s Dean Freeman

P.I.G.’s director Dean Freeman has just filmed another spot, and this one stars 3-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper! Dean’s new TVC for Haagen Dazs features Haagen Dazs’s new spokesman, Cooper, being playful with a lady friend as they share a delicious, creamy pint of vanilla ice cream. Bradley Cooper and his co-star give magnetic performances under the direction of Dean, creating a piece that authentically evokes the sweet joy of eating great ice cream. Above is the director’s cut. You may watch the final TVC on Dean’s director page.

P.I.G. Helps Dove & Ogilvy ‘Choose Beautiful’

Dove’s latest mega-viral video, “Choose Beautiful,” is an international social experiment that tackles the question: Why are so many women reluctant to celebrate their own beauty? P.I.G. helped Dove, Ogilvy Chicago, and production house Joinery with the Shanghai leg of the “Choose Beautiful” experiment, which also went on to survey the women of Delhi, San Francisco, London, and Sao Paolo. In Shanghai, we set two signs atop two adjacent doors at a mall, one sign reading “Beautiful” and the other “Average.” Women entering the mall, walked through the door they felt best described them. The ladies were then interviewed about their choices, and their responses provided some very poignant insights.

Director Spotlight: Jessica Sanders of P.I.G. China Awarded $150,000 Sloan Grant

Jessica Sanders is an Academy Award-winning documentarian and P.I.G.- repped filmmaker, and she recently received $150,000 from the Alfred P. Sloan foundation to make her next film, Picking Cotton. Jessica’s film will be based on the true story of Jennifer Thompson, a rape victim who unintentionally imprisoned an innocent man by identifying him as her assailant. The man would go on to be exonerated by DNA evidence, after which Torneo developed a close friendship with him. We at P.I.G. are ecstatic for Jessica’s success, and await her finished film. See some of Jessica’s commercial work HERE.

The Grumpy Pig x P.I.G. China Pigpen Cinema Presents: Kurt Cobain: A Montage of Heck

The Grumpy Pig x P.I.G. China
Pigpen Cinema Presents: Kurt Cobain: A Montage of Heck

Tuesday June 23, 2015
Doors at 9 | Movie starts at 9:30
65-4 Maoming Bei Lu (Weihai Lu/Yan’an Lu)

Drink specials on beer, wine, and cocktails
Free “Grumpy” movie popcorn snacks
Space is limited to 35 seats
First come first serve

More on the film:
Kurt Cobain: A Montage of Heck (2015, 132 min., dir. Brett Morgan, English & Chinese subtitles)
Please Be Advised – Film contains nudity and foul language

“When you wake up, please read my diary. Look through my things, and figure me out.”

Kurt Cobain has been called a musical genius, a junkie, a visionary philosopher, and a lost soul. 21 years after the Nirvana frontman’s globally-mourned suicide comes the documentary that perhaps most brusquely captures who Kurt Cobain truly was, stripped of all the mythology and rumors. A Montage of Heck is a documentary nine years in the making, created in collaboration with Cobain’s parents, daughter Frances Bean Cobain, and widow Courtney Love—who gave director Brett Morgan access to never before disclosed footage, writings, and drawings from the befallen grunge music pioneer’s private life. Morgan compiles those startlingly intimate documents together with beautiful animations and interviews with the people closest to Cobain, to deliver a nuanced artist profile that satisfies Nirvana worshippers and newbies alike.

Diane Sagnier’s Too-Cool Preview Film for Leinboho 2015

Diane Sagnier is a fashion photographer, an up and coming musician, and (bless us) a director repped by P.I.G. China. We are in awe each time Diane releases a new spot, because we never know what inventive visual twist she’ll grace a campaign with. Diane’s latest ad, which previews the 2015 releases of French luxury fashion line Leinboho, is another display of her ability to conceive fresh, effective ideas for a brand. You can see the planning Diane put into shooting this film by the beautiful way it all cuts together, using split-screen editing to create a sort of kaleidoscopic dance. Impeccably synced with a very fitting soundtrack, Diane Sagnier’s “Leinboho ss 15 revolucion” imbues a variety of Leinboho’s new 2015 attire with a cool, sleek vibe that viewers will aspire to. To see more of Diane’s inventive work check out her reel HERE.

Bonus Links:

Analog Thoughts, Diane’s blog
The Music of Diane’s band, Camp Claude

The Grumpy Pig x P.I.G. China Pigpen Cinema Presents: Pina 3D

Film Screening Tuesday May 19, 2015
3D Glasses will be provided

Free “Grumpy” movie popcorn snacks
Drink specials on beer, wine, and cocktails

Doors at 9 | Movie starts at 9:30
65-4 Maoming Bei Lu (Weihai Lu/Yan’an Lu)
Space is limited to 35 seats
First come, first serve

More on the film:
Pina (2011, 106 min., dir. Wim Wenders)

In Pina, legendary filmmaker Wim Wenders uses beautiful color palettes, multi-layered backdrops, and state-of-the-art 3D cameras to restage the dance pieces of the late maverick choreographer Pina Bausch. Bausch was a radical re-inventor of German dance theater, who mastered the elegance and precision of classical ballet, then furiously disposed of its conventions. Bausch had her dancers fighting, kissing, and shouting in her dance numbers, set on stages she’d subversively adorned with dirt, leaves, or even ankle-deep water. Pina recreates Bausch’s choreographies on a grand scope only possible through filmmaking. The film’s set design and cinematography are intricately planned to make Pina’s 3D experience truly immersive, allowing you, the viewer to fully appreciate the jaw-dropping beauty of Bausch’s dance routines.

Paul Mignot Launches the Galaxy S6

Everybody’s been wanting a peek at Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 phone for some time, but they weren’t going to know or see a thing about it until March 1st at Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung’s globally-live streamed premiere event for the S6 phone. Before Unpacked, Samsung asked director Paul Mignot to swell the fervor for the Galaxy S6, with a teaser film promoting the event, and he delivered something astounding. Paul Mignot poured his signature aesthetic of dark atmospheres and sleek, lustrous surfaces into the Galaxy Unpacked promo film; in the 45-second piece, a symphony of marvelous colors and shapes erupt from a black abyss. No actual Galaxy S6 phone is shown in the teaser, yet the enigma generated by Paul’s film brought Galaxy Unpacked to the attention of the whole world, netting 3 million views on YouTube in just a few days.

Bruno Aveillan Whisks You Through L’Oreal’s Color Riche Spectrum

From director Bruno Aveillan comes a polychromatic, sensual journey that telegraphs each bold, enticing color from L’Oreal’s new Color Riche line of lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes. In Bruno’s “Color Riche” film, world-class models like Karlie Kloss strike poses in elaborately designed rooms with vibrant single-color schemas, each scene evoking the mood of a color from L’Oreal’s Color Riche palette. Each set design in “Color Riche” perfectly embodies its color, and everything in the 4-minute film is so elegant, a still pulled from any moment befits a framing upon a wall.

Screenshot 2015-04-07 11.23.52

HELP! Robert Freeman is a Legend, and His Life’s Work is in Danger of Utter Ruin

P.I.G. director Dean Freeman’s father Robert Freeman was a trailblazing photographer, best known for the portraits and album covers he shot for his good friends, The Beatles. Beatles beatles-for-sale (1)


That’s right, Robert shot THIS one.

Tragically, Robert is currently in ill health, and unable to personally protect his portfolio—a photograph collection of tremendous cultural value, featuring the first ever Pirelli Calendar: Pirelli Plus canonical stills of the 20th Century’s greatest icons, from Muhammad Ali to John Coltrane to Andy Warhol. Screenshot 2015-04-03 17.57.52 Robert’s son Dean, with some assistance from Robert’s friend Sir Paul McCartney, is raising money here to help preserve Robert’s life’s work: pmtweet Dean is selling a piece of very rare Beatles memorabilia: a limited batch of prints of the exclusive above photo of John Lennon, taken by Robert inside Lennon’s home in Surrey. The high-quality, C-type metallic paper prints of this photo will be scanned from the original photograph directly and only upon order, and no more of these expert reprints will be made after May 15, 2015. Buy soon, to help the great cause of protecting both Robert’s and the world’s pictorial legacy.