Dom Bridges

Dom shot his first film at age 10. It was called “British Bulldog” and was about his friend’s ear being pulled off during a game of British Bulldog. Dom’s had the film bug ever since. Through his beautifully observed style and technique of filmmaking, Dom has the ability to capture and convey a hard-hitting message or heart-warming sentiment with the same deftness of touch. His ability to get under the skin and be immersed in his subjects always brings a beauty, honesty and sincerity to his work.

Dom studied graphic design at Art College in Devon and then moved to London to be a graphic designer and worked on various television title sequences for ITV and Channel Four. He began to direct commercials whilst also developing and directing a number of award winning short films. Dom directed a seminal commercial for Orange through Fallon. Other clients include, BMI Renault, Guinness, BBC, Cannon and the much-watched Pot Noodle viral “Tipping Pot” for AKQA, which subsequently won him a Midsummer Gold.

He had continued to write and direct his own short films, including “Bitch,” “The Magic of Neil Diamond,” and “Sunday,” all written, directed, filed and edited by Dom himself. “Bitch” was shortlisted in 2008 for the Rushes Soho Short Film Festival in the best short film category. He also won the Smoke & Mirrors 48 hour film competition with “The Norm,” and has received promo of the month in Promo News.