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November 2013

POV by P.I.G. –
Moving images & digital creative culture as seen from China

We’re proud to announce the launch of “POV by P.I.G.”, a new blog, newsletter and online resource from the offices of P.I.G. China (a boutique multimedia production house in Shanghai).

POV by P.I.G. aims to cover moving images & digital creativity in and around China, as well as news and views from the P.I.G. team. While the shift from “made in China” to “created in China” has led to growing international coverage of Chinese design, there is still a lack of bilingual, China-based perspectives, particularly on the cutting edge of creative & digital media.

Seeing this gap, P.I.G., in collaboration with writer/curator Samantha Culp, decided to create the site they’ve always wanted to read – a local yet worldly report on what’s happening across film, video, and the horizons of creative moving images. POV by P.I.G. will chart emerging trends and talents in the region and across the media spectrum – from indie film to music videos, blockbuster co-productions to innovative apps, motion graphics to digital installations, artists’ cinema to viral hits, transmedia storytelling and beyond.

Our focus is moving images, but we will also include the images that move us and other stories and discoveries too good not to share. We hope not only to showcase Chinese creativity to the world, but also introduce cutting-edge finds from overseas to our local community, and spur more connection between digital creative scenes across greater Asia.

POV by P.I.G. will feature frequently updated content on the main blog (http://pigchina.com/pov) and a monthly newsletter with exclusive extras, as well as keeping the conversation rolling on its social media channels (send us your latest finds on Sina Weibo and Twitter!).

We can’t wait to bring you our take on the freshest currents in Chinese creativity, from high art to lowbrow – and always with a distinctive POV.

POV by P.I.G. Team

Editor: Samantha Culp (samantha@localhost)
Social Media Manager: Jake Yu (jake@localhost)
Coordinator: Peggy (peggy@localhost)

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Samantha Culp / samantha@localhost

P.I.G. China

Creative Multimedia House Based in Shanghai

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ABOUT P.I.G. China

P.I.G. China is a content producer based in Shanghai. It was founded in 2005 with the purpose of delivering world class work to the local market. With sister companies in Los Angeles and Tokyo, P.I.G. China is bringing global talent to the local Chinese market. Comprised of a fully bilingual team of producers and creatives, P.I.G. China has established itself as one of the leading content provider in China.

Creative Multimedia House Based in Shanghai


Samantha Culp is a California-born writer, curator and producer currently based in Shanghai. She serves on the board of directors of Hong Kong media art organization Videotage, and is a contributing editor of LEAP Magazine (艺术节). Samantha is the founder and director of New Territories, an experimental studio for research and production, which develops projects and events spanning art, cinema, and design.