PIG offers flexible remote production tools and solutions using industry-leading technology, allowing for up to 60-member teams to simultaneously participate, live from wherever they are.

In these special times, PIG is working with production houses, agencies, brands and other clients worldwide who are affected by the global Covid-19 crisis. We continues to run our sets with the same acute eyes for quality and professionalism as before while keeping a third eye out for our crews’ health and safety by providing all necessary masks, sanitizers, disinfectants and PPE.

PIG employs advanced, real-time monitoring technologies, so that the off-site team can instantaneously watch all the scenes being shot as well as the set situation. This enables the director to effectively conduct a professional and effective shoot.

Remote shooting without compromise means delivering footage straight from the camera in Shanghai to Los Angeles or London with a mere 11 frames delay at up to 2K resolution. Click here to see a sample clip of what a user sees from Los Angeles. PIG remote productions can transmit around the world for up to 60 different viewers simultaneously, all in real time.

Recently, we’ve successfully executed numerous remote shoots, meeting the needs of our clients and delivering impeccable results, for such global TVCs including Coca-Cola, Clarins, Raid and many others.

Live, multilateral, uncompromising.