What happens pool-side… Recap of 2020 Shanghai Sessions

​Move along LV, your 15 minutest of glory is indubitably and irrevocably over——but still, be sure to call if you need to shoot something.

Shanghai has taken the over-sized, anatomically, uh, questionable blow-up dragons and she’s boarded them up in a broom closet down the long hallway of repressed [sic] memories.

From the looks of Saturday night’s social media feeds of Shanghai’s who’s whos, we have definitive proof that on 8/8, this belle of a town belonged to the PIGman.

Below a recap of our most glorious and triumphant moments from PIG’s pool-side BBQ, Shanghai Sessions 2020: No Cannes, No problem!

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We’ve got more events in the pipes for fall, stay tuned. In the meantime, stay safe and carry on!

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