PIG China
Under Armour

PIG x Under Armour in back-to-back films

Back-to-back films for UA’s 2020 global campaign

P.I.G. China‘s 2nd and 3rd time working with Under Armour in the past year sees two films showcasing Zhu Ting (volleyball) and Jin Yuan (track and field) in #TheOnlyWayIsThrough global campaign. UA’s message: “Improvement isn’t easy. There are no shortcuts. No cheat codes. No quick fixes. Just hard work. The only way is through.

Watch Jin Yuan’s full film here (running).
Watch Zhu Ting’s full film here (volleyball).

#TheOnlyWayIsThrough brings together global athletes including Dwayne Johnson, Stephen Curry and Michael Phelps to promote the spirit of its slogan. For the China segment, we follow two leading ladies: former national team track and field runner Jin Yuan (金源) and national volleyball player Zhu Ting (朱婷).

These are the 2nd and 3rd collaborations between P.I.G. China and Under Armour, to date! Our team traveled to Tianjin’s National Women’s Volleyball Institute to shoot with Zhu Ting while Jin Yuan’s film was shot in 2 days across 6 venues in Shanghai.

The films will be featured with other in the series in Under Armour’s #TheOnlyWayIsThrough campaign across global media platforms this spring.