Diane Sagnier’s Too-Cool Preview Film for Leinboho 2015

Diane Sagnier is a fashion photographer, an up and coming musician, and (bless us) a director repped by P.I.G. China. We are in awe each time Diane releases a new spot, because we never know what inventive visual twist she’ll grace a campaign with. Diane’s latest ad, which previews the 2015 releases of French luxury fashion line Leinboho, is another display of her ability to conceive fresh, effective ideas for a brand. You can see the planning Diane put into shooting this film by the beautiful way it all cuts together, using split-screen editing to create a sort of kaleidoscopic dance. Impeccably synced with a very fitting soundtrack, Diane Sagnier’s “Leinboho ss 15 revolucion” imbues a variety of Leinboho’s new 2015 attire with a cool, sleek vibe that viewers will aspire to. To see more of Diane’s inventive work check out her reel HERE.

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